Spray shop

I & J Spuit en Schoon spray shop services

I & J Spuit en Schoon (Spray shop) offers a full range of services concerning preliminary preparation of materials, painting and lacquering based on main technologies and principles.

In order to apply water-based lacquer and painting materials we use a dry type filter method. Lacquering takes place in a lacquering workshop equipped with exhaust system and ventilation.

Painting chambers have multi-level filtering that allows to reach high level of air cleaning-up to 99%. This eliminates dust formation and increases quality.

In our company you can repaint wooden materials, MDF, plastic, laminate, all metals in accordance with a full range of colours and tones: RAL, NCS, which means a few thousands of colours.

If we cannot choose a colour from the standard colour range, we will be able to find a colour that will match the model provided by the client.

We use professional paints and stains (bejca) of the following brands: ICA and MILESI, BARPIMO, Sikkens, International.

In case of a special demand or at the wish of the client we use products of different companies.

We calculate prices based on the painted square of the surface. Painting of narrow components (less than 80 mm) increases the price of the services by around 20% due to a high paint loss while spraying.

Production cycle lasts during 5 calendar days irrespective of material types. The time of the cycle is determined by the technological requirements.

Our clients are advertisement companies, producers of kitchen furniture, clothes shops, interior designers, individuals and industrial companies. We also work with professional lacquering workshops. We provided services to the following companies: Van Gemert, WE, Media Markt, Intriplo, Metamo, Jachtschilders.


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