Painting of plastic materials

We paint many types of plastic. The only limitation that can take place is hardness of material. It is difficult to cover a soft plastic with a lacquer. Covering of a plastic with a lacquer is done in the same way as with the metal giving the possibility to match a colour range with existing colours and design. Besides, we paint elements and components for exhibitions and for advertisement purposes. The color range for plastic painting is the same as the one for MDF and metals. The only difference is in a primer paint. In this case it is a special primer paint for plastic materials.

Abrasive preparation of the surface of plastic materials.
It is necessary to clean the surface before using paint and coatings .In this case it is necessary to remove any pollutions: dust, remains of glue, etc.
Defatting of plastic materials.

Different water-repellent lubricants can be used during production of plastic details, for example, for easy separation from the press-tool or a discharge head. These separating lubricants very often contain silicone.